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Patch Note 2021-10-13

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SSH Remote Debugging

  • Where enabled in private environments, you can now enable Remote Debug when starting an execution. This will enable an SSH server in the execution container you can then connect to.
  • You can also use SSH port forwarding to use debuggers such as pydevd (PyCharm) or debugpy (Visual Studio Code).

See the docs for more details!

Pipeline improvements

  • You can now configure notifications for pipeline events.
  • You can now set pipeline nodes to require manual approval before they are run.
    • Simply add a Node Action to the node: ```yaml actions:
      • when: node-starting then: require-approval ```

Git fetch improvements

  • You can use a .vhignore file in your repository's root directory to exclude files from being ingested by the platform. The syntax is the same as for .gitignore files, powered by gitignorant. This is useful if you have e.g. test data in your repo that you don't need at all in Valohai, but want to keep around.
  • Git fetches that update multiple refs that share objects between one another should now be faster.

Charting improvements

  • You can now chart confusion matrices from arrays output as metadata.
    • The supported formats are:
    • An array of [['x', 'y', v], ['x', 'y', v], ...] triples (i.e. x label, y label, value)
    • A 2-dimensional array of the shape [[v, v, v], [v, v, v], ...]
    • A 2-dimensional array with a header for labels [['a', 'b', 'c'], [v, v, v], [v, v, v], ...]
    • As always, feedback on the feature is more than welcome!
  • You can now enable rolling-average smoothing in the metadata charts. Smoooooooth.
  • The Scatter chart is now backed by Plotly too, for consistency.

Task improvements

  • The grid view that shows task executions now has icons to make it easier to read for our users with color blindness.
  • You can now set the maximum number of queued executions per task. This effectively limits the maximum parallelness of the task, so your environment can be used to run other tasks too.

Deployment improvements

  • Disabled endpoints are no longer visible in the deployment tester.
  • Versions in disabled deployments are similarly no longer visible in the table view.
  • Endpoint details are now available in their own view.
  • Deployment logs are now properly retrieved if there are multiple replicas.

Other improvements

  • You can now choose to purge all outputs for an execution when marking it as deleted.
    • This also works for the mass deletion action.


  • When already logged in with a 2FA-enabled account, token login no longer fails with an unnecessary error.
  • The organization environments tab no longer occasionally just ups and fails to render.
  • Endpoint naming has been emstrictened for better compliance with Kubernetes standards.
  • Datum aliases are now resolved in the UI, so you can use them as defaults without bumping into issues.
  • Certain unnecessary remote queries were optimized away from the UI.