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Patch Note 2021-11-04

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The leaves are falling, it's cold outside, and it gets dark at 4 PM in Finland. Send help.

New features


  • Deployments are now more easily debuggable thanks to the all new Cluster Status view. Valohai shows your Kubernetes cluster pod container state
  • You can now also set the hard memory limit for a deployment. Endpoints can now have a hard memory limit
  • Deployment details are now actually shown in pipeline deployment nodes. You can now see your deployment node Kubernetes status


  • Organizations may now disallow using Valohai-managed data stores for data management.
  • Commits and log data can now be stored in user-defined stores.
    • Being able to set these throughout an organization is planned for the next release.
  • In pipelines, list-shaped metadata from executions is now automatically "spread" into a multiple variant parameter if the destination node is a task. In plainer English, this means you can use an execution node to parametrize a downstream task node's variations.
  • You can now invite people to an organization as administrators.
  • Slack incoming webhooks are now natively supported as notification channels. #nocode
  • Status detail messages are now exposed for e.g. executions deemed dead by having missed heartbeat messages.


  • The deployment statistics histogram now also uses Plotly under the hood.


  • Underscores are now officially disallowed in deployment endpoint names. They were allowed before, but wouldn't work correctly.
  • Dummy ingress objects are no longer created for disabled deployment versions.
  • A corner-case bug regarding administering environments got squashed.
  • URLs that begin with numbers are now allowed for webhook URLs.
  • The user interface for Team Access Grants now works a whole lot better than before.
  • The auto-scrolling logic for the execution events view is now more robust, at the expense of it not being quite as automatic.