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Patch Note 2021-12-07

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Oh how time flies! It's been nearly a month since the last update.

It's freeze-your-face-off cold in Finland, and electricity costs are nearly record-high, so no better time to hunker down and train your ML models while optimizing resource usage!


  • Default stores for code and logs can now be set on organization level.
  • Execution events can now be downloaded as CSV at any point during an execution.
  • You can now opt to allow users to directly download data (e.g. inputs by URI) from a store.
  • New keys were added to the execution configuration files:
    • valohai.environment-name
    • valohai.environment-slug
    • valohai.execution-image
    • valohai.execution-tags
    • valohai.pipeline-tags
    • valohai.pipeline-title

User Interface Changes

  • We upgraded from Bootstrap 4 to Bootstrap 5, so things are now decidedly MORE MODERN.
    • However, things may be broken every here and there, since it was a bit of a change.
  • The top navigation bar is now full-width. Let your ultrawide screen fly free!
  • The dashboard view is all-new and decidedly GitHub-inspired.
    • As always, let us know if there's something you'd like to see there that could be useful to you.
  • Organization settings got a couple touchups.
    • The Team Access Grant editor is no longer a weird sidebar, but a modal.
    • The Team Access Grants view is now more easily found.
  • Execution tables text-wrap less, for a cleaner look.
  • Pipeline views also now have tag colors.
  • Paginators now show first and last page buttons, when available.
  • Input URLs are now copiable.
  • Chart views got a tiny bit of polish.


  • Parameter-parameter edges from a mimic node now work.
  • Pipelines can now actually be sorted by status.
  • Deleted stores (that are invisible) no longer affect signing operations. It'd be silly if they did.
  • Counter filters in the execution table now work more reliably.
  • Loading commits for the Create Execution view should now be much faster.
  • We got rid of a race condition or few, under the hood.
  • Many spurious heartbeat misses should now be no more.
  • Confusion matrices are now the right way around, vertically.
  • Cyclic pipelines no longer return an internal error, but an actual error describing what just happened.
  • Pipeline notifications work much more reliably.