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Patch Note 2021-12-22

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🎶 It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

New pipeline features

  • Pipelines can now be started using "YAML-style" input data.
    • If using YAML-style data, a new top-level commit value is required for the Create Pipeline endpoint.
  • Pipelines can now be created directly from a template in a given commit using the Create Pipeline from Template endpoint.
  • On a similar note, there's a new Run Pipeline trigger action that creates a pipeline from a template in a given commit.

Other enhancements

  • Like Run Pipeline, there's now also a Run Execution trigger action.
  • You can now use * and ? wildcards in event log filters.
  • Object modification times are now available in the API as mtime fields.
  • YAML files can now be directly previewed.


  • Tag filtering in the datum browsers now works once more.
  • Over-long pipeline titles are correctly validated.
  • Workers will now abort starting an execution in a stopping/stopped pipeline or task.
  • A bunch of small papercut-style usability bugs got fixed.