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Patch Note 2022-01-31

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Happy Monday! It's very nearly February now!

API improvements

  • The execution creator ID (not just the username) is now available in the API.

UI polish

  • All the main table views are now always w i d e
  • The email address management view got a bit of nail polish.
  • The dashboard view no longer shows stray slashes while loading data.
  • Datum previews can now be popped out into modals, for a little more space.
  • When searching for a datum, more options are now shown.
  • The user experience for custom Docker repositories is a little more informative.


  • An "invitations" link in the organization settings was fixed to be significantly less broken.
  • The pipeline creation view no longer just remains blank if there are no commits.
  • Query strings in the deployment tester view now work once more.
  • Concurrent pipeline and execution creation should now cause less trouble.
  • When searching for a datum, starting your search with an execution # now works more reliably.
  • Tasks in stopping states no longer occasionally inadvertently revert to not being stopping.