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Patch Note 2022-02-16

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Happy Valentine's Day! We've been too busy working on stuff to say that earlier, but better late than never!

New features

  • You can now copy existing pipelines into new ones. This is beta, and available at special request. Let us know.
  • Organization admins can now tweak their environments' prices.

UX polish

  • Metadata and parameter columns now try to figure out an optimal rounding for their contents to avoid misleading rounding.
  • Metadata charts are more responsive on small screens.
  • You can now see which project environment variables are inherited when the option to do so is enabled.
  • The Create Pipeline view also works better on narrow screens these days.
  • For in pipelines executions, breadcrumb correct the navigation is order now. Unlike that sentence.
  • You can now see a preview of the command line when creating an execution.
  • You can now easily select all nodes to reuse when editing or copying pipelines.


  • Concurrent pipeline and task creation should now cause less trouble. Hey… deja vu there…
  • Ad-hoc ingestion is now faster and more robust.
  • The Task view no longer makes a huge barrage of initial requests. Oops!