Patch Notes

Patch Note 2022-05-05

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New features

  • Grid search tasks no longer create all of the executions beforehand, for efficiency and performance reasons.
    • Grid search tasks can be much larger than before.
    • You also won't be saddled with a ton of never-started executions if you decide to stop a task early.
    • The task status information in the frontend was also enhanced to account for "not-created-yet" executions.
  • The Pipeline detail view gained a new Outputs tab.
  • You can now store and recall view presets (filters, columns) in the Executions table.
    • This feature is in beta; please reach out to our support to test it out.

UX improvements

  • The "Image" column is now available in the executions list view.
  • Many instances of the back button not doing what the back button should (i.e. go back) have been fixed.
  • You can now select a time range in the Usage Explorer.
  • Deployments can now be sorted by enabled status.
  • You can now generate SSH key pairs directly in the browser.
  • You can now filter executions, tasks, and pipelines by multiple creators.
  • It's now easier to navigate to executions from the comparison view.
  • Table columns can now be reordered.


  • Transient errors connecting to queue machines are now handled better and won't cause executions to immediately error out.
  • A Bayesian task no longer creates more executions than it should if the batch size is larger than the execution limit.
  • You can now properly unset the commit and log stores for a project.
  • Pipeline copying was improved. It will be further improved. Stay tuned.
  • Certain corner cases of pipeline stepping not doing what it should might be fixed now.
  • Logarithmic variant parameters could occasionally divide by zero. This has been fixed, and as such this no longer causes a catastrophic collapse of the known universe.
  • The pipeline detail view could occasionally cause a bunch of extraneous requests to be made. It's been reined in.