Patch Notes

Patch Note 2022-05-18

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New features

  • Valohai now estimates the CO2 emissions of executions run on EC2. This is powered by Teads Engineering's dataset and our very own Wattson library.
  • Distributed tasks are now a thing! If you want to try them out, reach out to our support.
  • You can now specify registry credentials to be used with any Docker Hub image, public or private. This is so you don't trip on the Docker Hub rate limit.


  • The task details table has been tidied for more readability.
  • You can now tag multiple executions in one fell swoop in the Executions table.
  • You can now download the SSH key parts when generating them – no need to manually copy-paste things!
  • Help is now more readily available on your dashboard. Never fear!
  • Column selection popovers got a de-uglification.
  • You can now see deployment, deployment version, and endpoint IDs in the respective views.


  • Tags are now copied along with pipelines.
  • Stores can now be soft-deleted more reliably.
  • Project names are now validated a little more strictly. Or, in other words, like they should have been all along.
  • Certain cancelled-job states are now handled with more grace.
  • Certain execution data didn't get copied when a task created new executions. It does now.