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Who can request a free license?

We will grant credits, for free usage of computing, and/or a subscription free of cost upon request and approval when your organization fulfills the following requirements:

  • You are an organization, institution or an organized group. For example, individual students should ask their professor to perform the request.
  • Your organization is using Valohai for educational purposes or your organization can be described as non-profit, as defined by Wikipedia.
  • You are about to publish a research paper about deep learning.

For example, hobby clubs are eligible, but governmental institutions developing internal software are not. For commercial subscriptions, please see Valohai pricing.

What can I gain by applying for a free license?

Valohai pricing consists of two parts: a monthly user license and computing costs billed according to usage. In general, universities or other study groups receive a monthly license free of charge. In addition to that, researchers who are about to publish a research paper may be eligible for credits without license fee and computational costs.

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