Models are temporary, pipelines are forever.

Train, Evaluate, Deploy, Repeat. Valohai is the only MLOps platform that automates everything from data extraction to model deployment.

ML Pipeline

End-to-end ML pipelines

Automate everything from data extraction to model deployment.

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Model Library

Model library

Store every single model, experiment and artifact automatically.

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Model Deployment

Model deployment

Deploy and monitor models in a managed Kubernetes cluster.

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Success Story

Why Levity adopted Valohai instead of hiring their first MLOps engineer

Levity enables companies to automate workflows specific to their business using models trained on-demand with custom data sets.

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Even with all the ready-made pieces we could use to build our solution, it just becomes an unreasonable budget and resourcing request to build and maintain our own custom MLOps solution.
Thilo Huellmann – CTO & Co-Founder at Levity

Join the companies taking their ML to the next level.

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The Easiest Way to Become a Valohai User

Henrik Skogström / November 24, 2020

Buying an MLOps platform is tricky and for that reason we’ve introduced a model where teams can sign up for a two-week proof-of-concept project to test out our platform with their environment and projects.

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When Is a Machine Learning Model Good Enough for Production, and How to Stress About It Only Once?

Henrik Skogström / November 17, 2020

As you start incorporating machine learning models into your end-user applications, the question comes up: “When is the model good enough to deploy?” There simply is no single right answer.

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