Deep Learning Management Platform

Machine orchestration, pipeline management, version control, and team collaboration tools for Data Science.

Production ready deep learning

Train your model on multiple GPUs in parallel. Chain together steps to form a deep learning pipeline. Record and track every step of your training for full reproducibility and audit trail. Deploy your model behind a HTTP endpoint. Valohai lets you do all of the above and more.

Extract your data for training.


Applying feature extraction to terabytes of data doesn't have to be a hassle.

We manage and keep track of your data transformation code versions, so you can be sure that your serving uses the same feature extraction as your training. You can even define which training to apply to different types of extractions.

Train your machine learning models in Valohai much faster.


Valohai makes training and managing your models simple and fast.

Select the data source, model parameters and variants and let Valohai automate the infrastructure. Run your training and hyperparameter optimizations at scale with a click of a button and get the perfect result for deployment. While the models are being trained you can follow and manage the process in real-time with our visual UI.

Collaborate with your team of data scientists and machine learning engineers.


Machine learning is a team sport. Valohai is the perfect coach for you.

When you work with machine learning where changing anything along the pipeline can change everything, effective collaboration is crucial. Share your whole history of data, training and deployments to keep your entire team in the loop. Transparency allows new team members to start working on your models from day one.

Deploy your machine learning projects from Valohai platform.


From training to deployment with a few clicks.

When you are done tuning your model, Valohai automates deployment and gives you an HTTP endpoint you can link to your production environment. The deployed model can also be installed to your own cloud instead of the Valohai platform. With a few clicks, the Valohai deployed model is ready for production use.

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Use the tools you already love

Valohai runs on GPU-enabled Docker images so running virtually any language or machine learning library is the default. Use any of our readily available images or link to your own with your favorite tools.

NumPy Caffe TensorFlow Keras Theano Torch PyTorch Darknet MXNet DeepLearning4J
Amazon AWS Microsoft Azure Google Cloud Platform

Massive scale
at the click of a button

Your deep learning team will be able to train their models at massive scale with the framework of their choice. Whether you are using cloud GPUs or on-premise servers, Valohai will turn the work of your machine learning team into business value faster.

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Running hundreds of tasks in parallel is what sets you apart

The Valohai platform allows you automate the training and deployment infrastructure. Run multiple variations of machine learning ideas simultaneously on several GPUs or squeeze everything out from a specific model with our hyperparameter optimization tool. Shorten the time to finding a perfect model and minimize your idle time.

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Zero setup infrastructure

Deep learning at scale is not only about building algorithms and tinkering with data. It also involves your IT and ops teams setting up and scheduling the needed computational resources and managing the infrastructure. This is both time consuming and resource draining. The Valohai platform removes your IT department from the equation by automating scheduling & deployment processes and gives you the reins to control.

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Risk management done right

Managing risks is one of the largest challenges with current machine learning workflows. How do you track changes, build reproducible algorithms and make sure changes in team composition do not mean starting from square one again?

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Workflow trackability

Reuse the best models and instantly jump back to a previous model version if the need arises.

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Keep your experiments safe

Valohai offers a layer on top of your data for managing the infrastructure. Your experiments are safe in your storage.

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User management

Take care of security in situations where employees leave or access needs to be restricted.

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