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Who on earth has been able to create this fantastic product?!

The number one machine learning platform

We believe in open standards, technology-agnostic development models, teamwork, and fairness. We know that machine learning will change the world, and we’re excited that Valohai propels so many projects seeking a better future for humanity. For four years, we’ve helped data science teams build, test and deploy deep learning models 10× faster, and make a dent in the universe with their work.

Our mission is to free machine learning teams from repetitive, mundane tasks. We allow data scientists to concentrate on building models and benefiting humankind with their discoveries.

The team behind the platform

CTO, Founder

Aarni Koskela


Aki Tåg

+358 46 922 9477‬

VP of Growth Hacking

Aku Lyy

Customer Success Manager

Drazen Dodik

+358 40 ‭197 0505‬

CEO, Founder

Eero Laaksonen

+358 41 503 7022


Fredrik Rönnlund

+358 40 030 0381


Janne Huusko

‭+358 50 570 5058‬


Joanna Purosto

Vice President

John Sullivan

+1 314 409 7100

Senior Software Developer

Juha Kiili

Software Developer

Magdalena Stenius

CIO, Founder

Otso Rasimus

+358 45 650 2004


Toni Perämäki

+358 40 098 3030

+1 650 614 1687

Director of Business Development

Troy Woodson

+358 40 822 0956

Machine Learning, Founder

Ruksi Laine

Valohai is headquartered in Turku, with offices in San Francisco, Saint Louis, and Helsinki.

Linnankatu 16, 2nd Floor, 20100 Turku, Finland

Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 00180 Helsinki, Finland