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Resistance is futile. Join us.

Our values

Our customers are changing the world, and we are the backbone of their journey providing tools to take humanity to an AI-powered future faster. We provide state of the art deep learning tools so data scientists can concentrate on building models, instead of MLOps and boilerplate.

Doing things the right way

Valohai is the proper way to do deep learning, and this mentality guides our work. Doing things the right way over quick and dirty pays back over time.

Freedom and responsibility

We trust each other to make the right decisions. You are free to choose your working location, hours and methods according to your own consideration.

Pinch of Quirky

Productivity doesn’t equal dead serious. Life should be exciting, and we aren’t afraid to show it in a funny and smart way.

Open job positions

Do you want to design products that touch other people’s lives and make them more productive? Are you a hybrid between UI and Web Design who loves to work in a flexible environment? Now is a good time to jump into a growing born global company in the early stage.

Your role:

  • Make Valohai brand alive through visual identity
  • Develop visual guidelines with the marketing team
  • Enhance current website design to match Valohai brand
  • Polish user experience of web application side of Valohai platform
  • Build Valohai platform interface with the development team

Desirable experience:

  • Knowledge of graphical design tools of your choice; internally we have plenty of tools to choose from like full Adobe suite, Sketch, and Figma.
  • Basic front-end development skills like HTML, CSS and JavaScript.
  • Experience working on web-based SaaS products is a great plus.

How to apply for this position? We don't know. Our day to day job is to solve the challenges that no-one has ever done before. Figure out the best way to reach us! ;)

Valohai is looking for a senior software developer to join our growing development team!

Valohai platform is a sizable collection of various tools like command-line clients, web applications, backend scaling services, data science workload workers and vanilla websites; so there is plenty to choose from what to specialize in.

Your role:

  • Role core is the development and maintenance of a dozen internal and external tools as a part of Valohai development team consisting of other senior developers.
  • Valohai development team has one-week sprints; we divide what is to be done, and each developer picks the tasks that he would like to work on.
  • You also get to work on machine learning projects; we create and maintain various deep learning examples that run on Valohai platform.

Desirable experience:

  • The ideal candidate would be a full stack developer with knowledge of everything from Linux servers to front-end development, but we have had good experience with developers coming from other backgrounds like game development. The important thing is that you are a senior developer with an open mind ;)
  • Front-end development skills like HTML, CSS/LESS/SASS and JavaScript/TypeScript.
  • Backend development skills; mainly Python and Django but any of the common backend language knowledge should be fine (Go, Ruby, Node.js).
  • Experience working with Linux tooling (ssh, systemd, journalctl) and how to work with AWS / Google Cloud / Azure / OpenStack is a big plus. Yes, we use all cloud providers.

How to apply for this position? We don't know. Our day to day job is to solve the challenges that no-one has ever done before. Figure out the best way to reach us! ;)

Valohai’s target personas are Data Scientists, and Data Science team leads working in large corporations. Do you get kicks from creating enticing content and finding channels to share it for bottom-up marketing to Data Scientists as well as supporting sales top-down to team leads? Valohai’s marketing is multifaceted co-ordination of playbooks consisting of events, email, social media, blog, SEO, advertizing and more. Your job is to find the best mix at all times and help coordinate everything so that we are at the right expos, target the right people with ads, help people to find the right content and to know what to do next.

Your role:

  • Challenging, giving input and making all of us better
  • Coordinating events
  • Write compelling copy in English (not just copying click bait tweets)
  • Managing our ads
  • Managing content along the customer journey
  • Sharing content
  • Previous experience is a big plus, just like the ability to edit simple HTML pages.

We offer:

  • A competitive salary
  • Choose your work tools (phone & computer & software)
  • A growing enthusiastic team
  • A chance to grow as a part of a multinational product company

How to apply for this position? We don't know. Our day to day job is to solve the challenges that no-one has ever done before. Figure out the best way to reach us! ;)

Our ideal Sales Development Specialist, is an experienced professional who has a passion for research and finding the right person in our target companies who understands how to approach them impactfully. You rock on Google, LinkedIn, and Hubspot and are not afraid to pick up the phone to help potential customers understand why they should spend their time talking with us.

We consider having a prior track record on working on SaaS sales and successfully performing in a sales development role a big plus, but we are also more than happy to find the next rising rock-star sales developer to join our team.

You will be working from wherever you draw the best results, be it our cool downtown offices in Turku or San Francisco, the Maria01 startup co-working space in Helsinki or maybe from your own apartment in Berlin.

We want you in our sales team, working together to take over the world, deal by deal. Our team is ready to support you from zero to hero when it comes to understanding our product, the machine learning landscape, and knowing the ins and outs of our sales process and excelling in it.