Valohai MLOps Platform

Valohai isn't just an experiment tracking tool, it's a full MLOps platform that enables you to manage the model lifecycle.

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Feature highlight

End-to-End Pipelines

Track and visualize

Automatic version control

Complete version control is the only way to achieve reproducibility, regulatory compliance, an audit trail & quick results. Valohai tracks your every experiment's every asset from code & data to logs & hyperparameters. Regardless of if you do your model building on your laptop, inside Jupyter notebooks or a git repo. Redo any experiment at the click of a button!

Machine Learning version control for data, code, hyperparameters, environment, hardware, logs, metadata and more.
Hyperparameters search in parallel on any amount of cloud hardware you need

Scalable infrastructure

MLOps in the cloud and on-prem

Spend less time on DevOps and complex machine configuration scripts. With Valohai you only select the instance you want to run on, which hyperparameters to try out, and the rest is automated. Your selected amount of machines spin up, run your experiments and automatically shut down when done – storing the log files, visualizations and output data in your data storage.

From Experimentation to Inference

Build machine learning pipelines

Valohai’s streamlined machine learning pipeline ensures that steps integrate together, regardless of who wrote the code or which language or framework was used. Combine Jupyter notebooks with datasets from Spark, augment your image data with Unity, automatically train 100 different models and deploy the best one in your Kubernets cluster. Without touching a button.

Automatic machine learning pipelines from data gathering and preprocessing to training and inference
Easily check what everyone in the team has been doing from the sortable list of experiments and projects

Team collaboration

A common way, with any tools

Use the tools, frameworks and programming languages you love. Run your experiments the way you want to; from the command line, API or WebUI. Share projects and experiments and keep track of what everyone has done. Not to mention what you did yourself, before the weekend...

Your data and models protected

Valohai is built with privacy as the #1 design principle. Host all of your assets in your private cloud or on-premise data storage. Valohai integrates with your Active Directory, 2FA and handles user-access in the way relevant to you!

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David Wang
For someone like me, with an engineering background and familiarity with Docker images, it was very easy to just jump into Valohai. We just configured our testing environment in Docker images and then configured the tests themselves in the Valohai YAML file, imported the project and boom! We had 30 hyperparameter sweeps on our first try.
David Wang – Data Scientist, Two Hat Security