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Turning your workflow from 😤 to 😎

Valohai is all about taking away the not-so-fun parts of machine learning. Managing cloud instances and writing glue code is neither valuable nor fun. Our platform does that for you.

And if that’s not magical ✨ enough, trying out the platform will be.

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Power tools for a power user 🛠

Managed machine learning infrastructure

Managed Machine Learning Infrastructure

Concentrate on Models, Code, and Data. The Valohai Platform allows you to easily run on the powerful cloud machines with a single click (UI) or a single command (CLI & API).

Valohai can be set up on any cloud vendor or on-premise setup to automatically orchestrate machines so you don’t need to worry about spinning up and shutting down costly resources.

Machine learning pipelines

Automated Machine Learning Pipelines

Train, Evaluate, Deploy, Repeat. Valohai’s streamlined machine learning pipeline ensures that steps integrate together, regardless of who wrote the code.

Combine Jupyter notebooks with datasets from Spark, augment your image data with Unity, automatically train 100 different models and deploy the best one – without touching a button. Pipelines can be integrated any existing systems through the API and pipelines can be triggered to retrain models whenever needed.

Model deployment

Model Deployment and Monitoring

Deploy on Kubernetes – Without Knowing Kubernetes. With Valohai, you can either manually or in a pipeline deploy models for production use.

No need to know how clusters work or what Kubernetes is – as a data scientist you just pick your code and model and Valohai will give you an HTTP endpoint you can use. You can also deploy several versions of the same model and monitor your performance metrics for easy A/B testing.

Hyperparameters search in parallel on any amount of cloud hardware you need

Versioning for Machine Learning

Knowledge Stored and Shared Automatically. Complete version control is the only way to achieve reproducibility and regulatory compliance. Valohai tracks every asset from code and data to logs and hyperparameters, and for every model, you can see the full lineage of how it was trained.

Everything you do in the Valohai platform can be shared with your team, and you won’t have the need to maintain separate model registries or metadata stores.

Machine learning infrastructure that works makes you powerful – like a shark.

Valohai works with any cloud and on-prem setup, runs code in any language or framework, and is built API-first so you can integrate it however you need.

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Ticking all the boxes ✅

Version control

Version control in data science is more than just code and binary data. In order to reproduce your experiments you also need to reproduce your hyperparameters, library versions and hardware. Valohai automatically stores all of this.

Version Control

Automatically version everything you run. Version control for machine learning is non-trivial compared to software engineering and a must for real-life ML.

Audit trail

Valohai tracks every experiment you and your team conduct, and you can see the lineage of experiments, data sets, code, parameters, and more resulted in your final model.

Experiment comparison

Pick any hyperparameter sweep or any amount of randomly selected experiments and compare them in a graph or table format. It's easier than you think!

Data dictionary

Valohai automatically creates a data dictionary out of all your input and output datasets. At the click of a button on any data asset it'll visualize the lineage of the data from original source to all transformations.

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Model traceability

Pick a model in inference and see who the original author is, when it was done, what data&code went into it and redo it with the same parameters and environment at the click of a button. You'll even see the log files from the experiment months or years after.

Zero setup infra

MLOps is hard. Valohai makes operations transparent and easy so that you can concentrate on models, code and data.

MLOps out-of-the-box

Setup and maintain your ML infrastructure from one place, automate machine launch and shutdown to save costs and track every experiment. Don’t waste time on ML grunt work and start building models today!

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Git, local code and notebooks

Code in notebooks, scripts or shared git projects in any language or framework of your choice. Use any data storage on-prem or in the cloud. Use the tools you already use today, with 99% less hassle.

Hyperparameter sweeps

Visualize parallel hyperparameter tuning runs in real time, run large distributed learning runs at the click of a button and automate production-ready pipelines. All without breaking a sweat!

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Hosted notebooks

One central hub for your Jupyter notebooks with asynchronous hyperparameter sweeps. Start one run, make changes and start the next. Roll back to your previous runs at any time and continue. Exploration is trial and error but there is no reason you should lose track of what you've done.

Jupyter notebooks & Valohai

Tool agnostic

Use the tools you love, across teams. Jupyter notebooks, PyCharm, VS Code, Tensorflow, Keras, Darknet, DL4J, Python, Scala, R and whatever tech your throw at it – it all works. (Because it's built on Docker!)

Hardware agnostic

Valohai Supports AWS, GCP, Azure, Openstack and any on-premises hardware.

API, CLI, and WebUI

Use the WebUI or the CLI for your daily work. Or expand functionality and integrate with your own CI/CD pipeline through the open API.

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Not invented here

While you could stitch together everything from scratch using open source tools, it usually ends up more expensive than using a managed service.

See Valohai vs KubeflowValohai's Open standards

Pipeline management

After exploration and experimentation you will want to productionalize your work through ML pipelines. Valohai lets you build complex pipelines that you can automate.

Workflow automation

Data fetching, preprocessing, synthetic data generation, hyperparameter sweeps and deployment for AB testing of models are all possible cases in your ML pipeline. Valohai lets you define, run and maintain traceability for all steps throughout your lifetime.

Data Streaming

For datasets of 100Gb and larger, data streaming becomes an alternative – especially if for compliance reasons you're unable to host the data next to your computation units. Valohai lets you stream the data, start training and continue while the data is streaming.


Valohai will deploy a chosen model inside your Kubernetes cluster. No need to know how clusters work or what Kubernetes is – as a data scientist you just pick your code and model and Valohai will give you an HTTP endpoint you can use.

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Structured and un-structured data

Valohai works with both structured and unstructured data, from textual data to big data with 8K video streams. Or anything in between.

Team management

Standardized workflows across your whole team ensure transparency. Valohai lets you share projects between teams and organizations. Your super admins can monitor costs, resource usage and more at a project, team, person or single experiment level.

Shared projects

Machine Learning is team work, and you should be able to share projects easily. Valohai lets you build around projects that are accessible by you, your team or your entire organization.

Teams and groups

Valohai's access control works around the concept of teams and organization. Define an organization, invite people and manage who can see and do what. You can also allow only readable or writable data source for specific organizations. Anything is possible!


Monitor at a high level or check at a detailed level what your colleagues have been working on, so you don't do the same thing twice. Or why not just check what you did before the weekend to quickly pick up from where you left off.

Cost management

Valohai lets you drill down to the cost on every project, team and single experiment level. Know exactly how much money was spent and where!


Valohai is an ML platform built for enterprises with privacy and security as driving principles.

SSO, 2FA and AD

Valohai supports Single Sign-On (SSO), Two Factor Authentication (2FA) and Azure Active Directory (AD). Use your way of authenticating with the platform!

On-premises installations

Need to run everything on-premises in an air-gapped environment on the first lunar base? No problem! Even less exotic installations are possible...

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Private cloud

Duh... who in their right mind would want to use some public startup cloud anyway? Of course, it'll run in your own cloud.

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Private projects

Private, shared, whatever you like. GitHub, GitLab, Bitbucket – everything works – only for you, my friend!

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Valohai Walkthrough

Dive in deep with Valohai in this walkthrough video

  • ☑ Running Valohai from Jupyter
  • ☑ Optimizing hyperparameters
  • ☑ Deploying your model
  • ☑ Running an automated pipeline
Watch the Valohai walkthrough

It’s not bragging if it’s true 📣

Thilo Huellmann, Levity

Even with all the ready-made pieces we could use to build our solution, it just becomes an unreasonable budget and resourcing request to build and maintain our own custom MLOps solution.Read more

Thilo Huellmann – CTO & Co-Founder, Levity
David Wang, Two Hat Security

Valohai is a super stable environment for using computing resources and thanks to it none of us need to compete about resources internally anymore. Everything is in isolation, so I can even do some rapid testing and Valohai just shuts down the cloud instance when my test ends.Read more

David Wang – Data Scientist, Two Hat Security
Ari Bajo Rouvinen

If we would have to integrate using traditional scraping techniques, a marketplace of 1 000 sites would require 10 people in software development. Instead, we have a three person technical team, several machine learning models and Valohai orchestrating the infrastructure side.Read more

Ari Bajo Rouvinen – Head of Data, Skillup
Thilo Huellmann, Levity

Being a technology company there are some things that are just unnecessary for us to manage, such as inference infrastructure. Once we set it up, I as a data scientist don’t need to worry about anything but can just train my model, select which file I want to deploy and Valohai automatically starts a scalable Kubernetes cluster with the model running. Stuff that is completely magical to me, and I’d rather keep it that way as well.Read more

Eija-Leena Koponen – AI Lead, Someturva