How AI Trailblazers Implement MLOps

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PreligenskonuxSharper Shape
How AI Trailblazers Implement MLOps

Discover how Preligens, KONUX and Sharper Shape speed up the development of cutting-edge machine learning solutions.

What this booklet is all about?

MLOps is the word of the year in data science circles, but most of it is still talk, not action. We see startups building unique, new products with machine learning and deep learning leading the charge with MLOps.

See how Preligens, KONUX and Sharper Shape implement MLOps best practices with the Valohai platform.

  • Preligens builds deep learning models for geointelligence with a team of over 50 ML practitioners.
  • KONUX builds models for predictive maintenance in the railway industry and is recognized in CBinisghts AI 100.
  • Sharper Shape builds models used to monitor utility lines and prevent wildfires in high-risk areas.

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