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The Decision Makers Guide: How to pick an MLOps platform?

Make informed decisions about what MLOps platform best fits your project.

What's in the Book

Are you struggling with managing the machine learning model lifecycle? Does every update to a model feel like a new project?

MLOps platforms might be what you are looking for.

The decision makers guide will help you navigate the variety of MLOps solutions currently available on the market.

The The Decision Makers Guide: How to pick an MLOps platform ebook by Valohai
With chapters on

MLOps principles

Best practices, how to implement them into your project and how to evaluate if the platform serves your purpose based on your focus.

MLOps platforms comparison

Comparison of the most popular MLOps platforms. For example, Kubeflow and SageMaker.

Build or buy

The right answer depends on your team and your use case. Most technical decision-makers tend to skew towards building, but we want to encourage critical thinking around the subject.

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