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Run your local code in the cloud

In this section, we’ll cover sending code from our local machine to be executed in the cloud. Valohai makes it super simple, letting you develop locally and execute remotely on any on-prem or cloud instance. You’ll discover how to push code to your preferred cloud environment, work asynchronously, while Valohai’s automatic version control tracks all stages of every experiment you conduct.

  1. Register and create a free account and install the command line interface (CLI):

    pip3 install valohai-cli

    …then, log into Valohai with your account:

    vh login
  2. To get going, set up your project defaults and hook your code on the local machine together with Valohai:

    cd myprojectvh project create -name myproject

    Next, create a file called valohai.yaml in the root of your project. In this case, we’ll just define what code to run (command) and in which Docker container (image) as well as the name for it.

    - step:
      name: mytest
      image: python:3.6
      command: python

    Congratulations! Your code is now runnable on Valohai!

  3. With these pieces in place, you can start executing experiments on the platform. Please note that although we just created only one step, you can define several steps in the YAML file. When starting an execution, you only need to select what step to run with the added —adhoc flag that lets Valohai know you want us to version control the code for you (as opposed to running code from a Git repository).

    vh execution run --adhoc mytestRun adhoc

    Feel free to start as many executions as you’d like in parallel.

  4. You can view a list of all of your experiments either from the command line (vh execution list) or the web UI, together with all their respective version control histories.

    You’ve come this far - now the only thing left for you to do is just rinse and repeat! For complete documentation on getting the most from the CLI, see Valohai Docs or ask for help on the website chat at the bottom right!

Did you know that you can also use Valohai through our open API?

Answers to your questions

What if I need help in setting up my project in Valohai?

Running either a new or an existing machine learning project in Valohai is very simple! The technologies you use for training your models are the same as they are outside Valohai. If you need assistance in setting up your project, shoot us a message in the chat box or write email to!

How much does it cost?

We have fixed monthly billing based on the number of users, but we also offer free accounts with limited features. See the pricing tiers and find the best option for you.