Blog / New Release: Managing Your Experiments Just Got Easier
New Release: Managing Your Experiments Just Got Easier

New Release: Managing Your Experiments Just Got Easier

Ruksi Korpisara

Recreating experiments inside Valohai could be a whole lot easier and we’ve heard your cries!

With the latest release, live today, whenever you copy an old experiment and want to re-run it Valohai now copies the tags and title over from the previous experiment. Tags are also now automatically propagated down to individual executions when you create a task with several ones e.g. during a hyperparameter sweep.

We also improved the creation of new experiments. When creating a new execution you now have a dropdown for selecting your Docker image. We pre-fill the filterable box with our list of recommended Docker images but you can naturally point to any custom made Docker image as well. And naturally, if you have defined a default one in your valohai.yaml file that will be the default one selected from the get-go.

We have also fixed several bugs and made a handful of smaller fixes in the UI and the API that you can read more about in the patch notes .

About Valohai Valohai is a Deep Learning Management Platform that automates your deep learning infrastructure so you can concentrate on data science. Scale your model to hundreds of CPUs, GPUs and TPUs at the click of a button. Create an audit trail and reproduce any previous run with built-in version control for input data, hyperparameters, training algorithms and environments. Manage your entire ML pipeline with automatic coordination from feature extraction and training to inference.

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