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How Valohai solves MLOps

Technology Agnostic

Technology Agnostic

Runs any code.

No matter who wrote the code or which language or framework was used, Valohai can integrate steps into a single pipeline. Combine Jupyter notebooks and scripts in any language in a pipeline that automatically trains 100 different models and deploys the best one.

Automatic Version Control

Automatic Version Control

Versions every run.

Reproducibility is key to ensuring both continuous improvement and regulatory compliance. Valohai automatically stores the lineage of each artifact so you can always tell what code, data and parameters were used to build the model deployed in production.



Integrates with existing systems.

Machine learning systems don’t live in isolation. Valohai is built API-first for easy integration of your ML pipeline into your existing software pipeline. You can automate your pipeline to run on a regular schedule or whenever you do a new commit to Git.

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Why MLOps matters

As machine learning models become part of real-world solutions and critical to business, we will have to think about them more as assets, rather than one-off experiments. In real-world applications, datasets change and models need to be retrained. Business requirements also change rapidly requiring a more frequent release cycle.

Luckily MLOps has the DevOps playbook to copy from but with a few unique twists. Unlike traditional software, it’s not just about the code but also data and parameters.

DevOps compared to MLOps
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