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ML. The Pioneer Way.

ML. The Pioneer Way.

Eero Laaksonen

Machine learning is no longer just hype and promises. It’s here, built-in to the websites and services we use daily. It’s in a website widget, recommending which shoes to buy or what show to watch.

For me, this is not the endgame. This is only the tip of the iceberg.

Another wave of ML and innovators is coming. Those for whom ML is the core of what they are building, rather than an afterthought. These folks are looking at problems that were previously unsolvable with software and areas where ML hasn’t been applied yet. They work on diagnosing cancer early, warning us of floods and bringing true autonomy to robotics – things that will have a huge impact.

We like to call these folks the ML Pioneers.

At Valohai, we talk with thousands of teams yearly. We see pioneers pop up everywhere, in surprising places. It’s not about how big the company is or where it’s located. It’s about a strategic focus on solving a complex problem and building a lasting competitive advantage. It’s about having dedicated, talented people with proper support so they can iterate, learn, and ship.

What makes an ML Pioneer? I’d say it’s two things. First, they are passionate and ambitious about the problems they are solving. They need a problem worth solving – something to obsess about. Second, they are pragmatic and curious builders who use and mix every technology at their disposal and invent the rest to get the desired result.

Our focus has always been on supporting these teams and individuals. Our platform is purpose-built for ML Pioneers to bring the tools they need without limiting their creativity.

We’ve been working hard to turn that focus into words and visuals. We want Valohai to be as bold as the ML Pioneers who rely on us. So I hope you like the new look and trust me, you’ll see a lot more soon.

P.S. It wouldn’t be a Valohai post without a meme to bring the point home, so I’ll leave you with this one.

I'm an ML Pioneer

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