Blog / Dive into Valohai with our new serverless trial
Dive into Valohai with our new serverless trial

Dive into Valohai with our new serverless trial

Henrik Skogström

We’re thrilled to announce our new free trial for all aspiring ML pioneers! Dive into a seamless experience with our serverless solution – it's a one-click setup, granting you instant access to complimentary cloud resources to tinker with.

Trial UI - Serverless

If you aren’t familiar with Valohai yet, here’s a short recap. Valohai is the MLOps platform purpose-built for ML Pioneers, giving them everything they’ve been missing in one platform that just makes sense. Valohai makes it easy to scale, automate, and keep track of every model and workflow.

With the new free trial, we’ve made it easy to kickstart your journey with a few handpicked templates that showcase Valohai’s core features, such as pipelines and parameters. As of today, we have a template for computer vision using YOLOv5 and our old trusted Tensorflow template. On top of that, we’ll be adding a template that makes it easy to finetune Mistral 7B very soon. All of these templates are open source, so fork, adapt, and reuse them to your heart’s content.

With this launch, we also reworked our documentation to make the format more familiar to developers and easier to jumpstart your own projects on Valohai. You can check out the new documentation here.

If you STILL need more convincing that now is a good time to take Valohai for a spin, here’s what one user says about Valohai:

“Very easy to handle MLOps stuff within a company with minimal knowledge. Everything for MLOps is provided in this platform, and no more additional tools are required. Everything, including data, code, and environment. etc., are versioned without extra effort. The idea of pipelines in Valohai makes the development of the progressive life cycle of an ML model easier.”

We’re excited to see what you build with Valohai.


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